Jobs in Miami That Require Little Education

Are you interested in moving to Miami? If you are, you may want to think about what your plans would be for work. The city is home to many different opportunities in a variety of fields, but some jobs do not require much education at all. This can make it very easy for individuals interested in relocating to the area. The following looks at jobs that can help people get started when it comes to finding employment in Miami.

Yacht chef

If you have a college degree in culinary arts or hospitality, consider working on yachts for wealthy tourists. Miami yacht charters offer an abundance of employment opportunities from boat maintenance to the chef position. When people rent boats, you can cook their food.

Store Clerk

Retail store clerks are in demand in Miami. People can find jobs at clothing stores, grocery stores, or other places where merchandise is sold. This type of work continues to pay minimum wage, varying by place of employment for full-time employees; four people may qualify for benefits like medical insurance and paid time off.

Restaurant Cook

Many kitchens in Miami require cooks when it comes to preparing meals for hungry customers. These individuals need very little education; all they need is experience working in an environment like this one before applying for jobs in their own right cooks typically make between $20,000 and $30,000 annually in wages and may also receive tips.

Fast Food Worker

Miami has many fast food establishments that are always in need of employees. People can find jobs like these at restaurants like Burger King or Subway before applying for their own restaurant. Employees who work in kitchens normally earn a minimum wage which is increased by any tips they earn on top of it. These jobs often do not require much education, so they are usually very easy for people to obtain when relocating to the area.

Personal Care Aide

Personal care aides help take care of elderly individuals whenever a family member cannot be there instead. Since Miami is a growing city with an increasing population of elderly people, demand for this type of work will continue to increase. The BLS states that the median salary for personal care aides in the area was $21,900 in May 2013 and employment is expected to increase by 19% between 2010 and 2020 .

Personal Care Worker

Similar to a personal aide, personal care workers help elderly people take care of basic needs like bathing or getting dressed. These people often work full-time hours and can choose to set their own schedule; they receive compensation depending on what services they perform. Many individuals who worked as aides go on to work as caregivers because the job outlook is better (19%).

Retail Salesperson

Miami has many large shopping malls where retail sales staff are always needed to assist customers. Many shopping malls have their own websites where people can find job openings online. Retail salespeople usually receive a commission on top of their hourly wage, which is often minimum wage. This may increase depending on how many days or hours someone works in a week.

Hotel Housekeeper

Since Miami has so many tourists and visitors every year, hotels need housekeepers to clean rooms for guests throughout the day and night. Housekeepers receive a set salary each month as well as tips from guests who leave them behind after they check out. According to the BLS, hotel housekeepers made a median salary of $18,200 in May 2013, and employment for this field was expected to go up by 10% between 2010 and 2020.

Child Care Worker

Childcare workers watch over children at daycares or preschools. They help provide food, entertainment, and education for children of all ages while parents are away at work; many of these jobs do not require any type of educational degree so they are very easy for people to obtain when relocating to Miami

Retail Salesperson

People can find jobs in the retail industry throughout the state of Florida because many residents travel during the winter months. Retail salespeople often receive more than just hourly wages depending on how much merchandise is sold by them each week. Jobs like these vary depending on where someone works, but some pay benefits that include health insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) plans.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives work at call centers taking phone calls and resolving customer complaints. Most jobs in this field do not require a degree, so they are easy for people to obtain when relocating from other states. But many of these positions do have a certain level of education or experience required, such as having a bachelor’s degree or being bilingual. These employees usually make an average salary of $31,500 each year, but employment opportunities vary based on the specific company that hires them.


Miami is a popular vacation spot for people from around the world, with an astonishing 62 million visitors each year. But many of these people are not rich, meaning they cannot afford to stay in five-star hotels. These guests use Airbnb, a website where regular people can rent out their homes or rooms to tourists who want to visit Miami on a budget. People who own places that are advertised on this website need waiters and waitresses to serve them food and beverages; when they arrive, waitresses in Miami made an average of $20,700 in 2012, and employers usually hire servers based on their experience and skills rather than their education level.

Real Estate Agent

Many people develop entrepreneurial skills while living in South Florida because there are opportunities for them to work with real estate. The state has one of the most expensive housing markets, and this has contributed to high demand for agents who can help potential homebuyers find houses that fit their budget. These professionals also help sellers determine how much their house is worth and then market it to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

There is hope if you are looking for a job in Miami but don’t have the education to get one of your desired jobs. The article provided information on some low-skill-level occupations that can still be fulfilling and provide an income.