15 Best Sights to See in Miami

miami sights

The Miami area is home to a wide array of beaches and nature preserves that make for some enjoyable sightseeing. One of the most popular attractions in Miami, especially with foreign visitors, is South Beach. This resort town has many bars, clubs, hotels, museums, historical significance, and restaurants along the beachfront, offering some of the best sights to see in Miami. It also offers fantastic views of both sunrise and sunset since it stretches across a peninsula between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Miami is one of the most popular tourist cities in the United States. Since it has a very mild climate, its outdoor activities are year-round. This makes Miami a unique destination because there are many opportunities to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. It is also home to several historical attractions for tourists to visit, making it essential travel information for tourists who may be interested in visiting Miami.

The best sights to see in Miami include:

1) South Beach Miami

Home to the world-famous Art Deco architecture, historic nightclubs and restaurants, beautiful beaches, and boutique shops. It is a must-see for anyone visiting Miami. This article from USA Today also provides some insight on what you can expect when visiting this iconic beach destination.

2) Wynwood Walls in North Miami

Wynwood is one of the most intriguing areas of Miami with street art filling almost every inch of its walls. If you are interested in taking photos or just walking around admiring the artwork, it’s worth checking out! To give you an idea, check out this Instagram account to see what’s waiting for you there.

3) Little Havana in West Miami

Like all metropolitan cities, Miami has many Little Havana districts with each one being slightly different from the other. Most offer a great cultural experience with locals selling everything from Cuban coffee to cigars, and it’s also a place you can grab lunch at many restaurants offering authentic Cuban cuisine.

4) Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in South Miami

This Italian villa was built in 1916 by wealthy industrialist James Deering to resemble an Italian Renaissance estate. The gorgeous property features formal gardens, fountains, sculptures, ponds, courtyards, terraces, and other stunning features worth exploring. To see what awaits check out this video.

5) Jungle Island Pembroke Park in West Miami

A wildlife park that will transport you into the heart of the Amazon rainforest with over 400 animals from more than 100 species. Amongst these animals, you can expect to see a lot of exotic birds, monkeys, and even a few big cats.

6) The Miami Children’s Museum in South Miami

Scheduled to open its doors in March 2017, this museum is designed specifically for kids aged 0-7 years old. It will feature different sections, including their own little theater, as well as 50 interactive exhibits that aim to encourage learning through play! Many parents have been sharing how excited they are about this new addition on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can read more about some interesting facts related to this institution here.

7) Miami Seaquarium in Key Biscayne

Open year-round, this family-friendly attraction allows you to see over 900 sea animals, including dolphins, sharks, otters, and turtles. If you are hoping for a fun day out with the kids, expect to pay $40 per adult for entrance.

8) Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami

Located right next to Zoo Miami, one of South Florida’s most popular attractions, it makes sense to combine your visit with a trip here. The museum offers a great experience not only because of its collection of various vintage train cars but also its outdoor train yard where kids can learn about locomotives from the past and ride some real trains on weekends.

9) Little Haiti Cultural Center in North Miami

This historic building was built in 1896 and was originally used as a meeting hall for the Ancient Order of Hibernians, dedicated to Irish Catholic immigrants. Today this center utilizes its rich cultural heritage as one of Miami’s most important resources, from art exhibits to dance lessons, all free of charge.

10) Key Biscayne in South Miami

Located just 22 miles from Downtown Miami it’s less than a 30 minutes drive away, making it the perfect day trip destination! This island is packed with some great views, restaurants, and activities such as snorkeling at Bill Baggs State Park or biking around Hoyt Key. However, be sure not to miss seeing Cape Florida Lighthouse, a historic landmark built back in 1825.

11) Port of Miami

One of the world’s busiest cruise ports, this attraction offers many opportunities to get on board some of these majestic vessels. You can book boat tours, dinner cruises, or simply get there for free to marvel at their size up close.

12) Coral Castle in Homestead

A historical landmark made entirely out of the coral rock, this site attracts thousands of visitors each year. It’s more popular than the Native American-built casino. Built by an eccentric Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin who did not want his true intentions known, he left behind a poem that revealed some clues. To find out what it says and to see more pictures check out this link here.

13) Biscayne National Park in Homestead

A protected area of the United States, this park spans across a number of islands where you can witness mangroves, coral reefs as well as shipwrecks up close. If you are lucky, you may even spot dolphins and whales making their way through the waterways.

14) The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in North Miami Beach

This Italianate villa was built by wealthy industrialist James Deering back in 1916 and is now listed as a historical landmark. With 30 acres of lush gardens, fountains, and sculptures, there’s plenty to take in on your visit, such as learning about its interesting history or marveling at the architecture.

15) Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables

This 22-acre garden is dedicated to promoting conservation and education through various exhibitions such as the Orchid Show, which takes place every winter. It also offers a number of guided tours, such as one that will take you behind the scenes for an up-close encounter with butterflies.